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  • No adult worms or eggs are found after taking the medicine?

    1. The parasites have been killed and digested after taking anthelmintics.
    2. There are many kinds of parasites. Some parasites are small in size, and it is difficult to observe their eggs with eyes.
  • Regular de-worming?

    1. Once a month for dogs and cats less than 3 months old.
    2. Dogs and cats older than 3 months can be dewormed every 1-3 months in vivo, and dewormed in vitro every 1 month, depending on the pet's living environment.
    3. Fasting is recommended for 2 hours before and after the medication.
  • Can I be the agent of your company?

    Yes, our company is glad to cooperate with distributors all over the world and willing to share the benefits with our business partners.
  • Can I get free samples from your company?

    Yes, in order to build a good relationship with our potential customers, our company could provide different quantity samples based on it cost.
  • Did your company accept OEM orders?

    Yes, our company already manufactured product for many companies all around world, and could manufacture product according to customer’s requirement.
  • What is your product’s package?

    Each brand has its own style package.
  • Did your company have GMP certification?

  • Did your company is a real manufacturer?

    Yes, our company has its own factory.
  • Dose the product’s package could be custom-designed?

    Yes, we also provide our style and brand for customer choose.
  • What brands your company has?

    The brands of our company are THC TOPSURF CANAVET TOPRARE TOPSUN VETOP.

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