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Progesterone 5% Injection

  • Progesterone Injection 5%
  • THC


As progestogen medicine, it is used to protect the embryo and prevent the miscarriage.

1.For womb: With its “anti-abortion” function, the progesterone can suppress rhythmic contraction of the muscles in uterus ,weaken the reactivity of the muscles in uterus to the oxytocin .The progesterone also makes cervix and vagina secrete a ropy material to close the cervix, prevent the pathogen to enter into the womb.

2.For ovary: The progesterone can suppress the puberty and the ovulation of the dam, protract luteal phase artificially ,once of the function of progesterone eliminated, the pituitary will secrete FSH and LH angina and the dam may rut several times for days.

3. For galactophore: The progesterone can stimulate the growth of galactophore acinus. Used together with estrogen, it can make galactophore acinus and crypts grow completely to be ready for lactation.

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