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Introduction of Veterinary Injection and Puncture Instruments in Veterinary Instruments

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Veterinary injection and puncture instruments are mostly used for pets, pigs, and other animals, and are indispensable veterinary instruments for animal injection. Next, let us understand the introduction of veterinary injection and puncture instruments in veterinary instruments. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Its introduction.

l Introduction to its industry chain.

l Its trend.

Its introduction.

A veterinary syringe is a veterinary instrument for injecting drugs into animals. Ordinary veterinary syringes are composed of syringes, needles, and piston core rods, and veterinary syringes with special purposes or other functions are also mainly transformed and upgraded on this basis. Veterinary syringes are mainly used for animal vaccines and other various drug injections and are one of the indispensable medical devices for disease prevention and treatment in animal husbandry and pet breeding. Due to the large differences in the types of veterinary animals, compared with medical injection and puncture instruments, veterinary injection and puncture instruments have the uniqueness of many varieties and specifications and reusable needles.

Introduction to its industry chain.

In terms of the industrial chain, the upstream of the industrial chain of the veterinary injection and puncture device industry is mainly the metal processing industry and the plastics industry. In general, the changing trend of the main raw materials affects the average profit margin of the veterinary instruments industry. The midstream is the veterinary injection and puncture device industry. The downstream is mainly animal husbandry, and the development and prosperity of animal husbandry are closely related to the development of veterinary injection and puncture instruments. In the production of animal husbandry, injection is a very important link, and injecting drugs through a syringe is the best method for animal treatment or epidemic prevention. At present, the conventional veterinary injections include equipment, the injection site of livestock is not sterilized strictly, the equipment has not been sterilized by high temperature, a syringe or an injection needle is used to the end, and the injection site is inaccurate. All of these situations may lead to abnormal death of livestock due to the failure of injection immunization and ultimately cause huge economic losses to farmers.

Its trend.

China's growing poultry and animal husbandry industry, especially with the centralization of the downstream feeding industry, and the increasingly standardized preventive management of farmed animals by agricultural departments across the country. The market capacity of veterinary instruments such as veterinary syringes in China is growing, and the market size is expected to reach 3.51 billion yuan by 2024.

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